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Hello and welcome to where I hope to provide fresh thoughts for adventurous minds to chew on once in a blue moon. Some blog posts are aimed at readers looking for interesting tidbits – beach combing, if you will – on education or sailing, while others will provider a teaser for my upcoming novel, The Silver Spider. All the posts are tagged so that you can quickly narrow your search to a single topic, be it education, sailing, or the trail of the Silver Spider. Scroll down for more and enjoy!

Interview - Cruising French Polynesia

I was recently interviewed by Linus Wilson of the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast about cruising in French Polynesia. You can listen in to the episode here to learn about our favorite places, words of caution, and more.

Pirates & Pieces of Eight

At the heyday of Spain’s New World conquests, Panama’s Portobelo acted as a collection point for huge quantifies of gold and silver – the treasure chest of the Americas, so to speak. Read more here

Island Escapes

There are a lot of places we dream of going back to in the South Pacific, but one my mind keeps wandering back to is Urupukapuka in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. Read more here

A fun tradition

Putting a new coat of antifouling on the hull isn’t always fun, but we started a tradition that helped make an occasion out of the job. We paint the lat/long of our position at the time of painting onto the hull first and snap a photo. It gets covered over soon enough, but we now have a nice collage from all around the world! See blog post here!

The Floor of Heaven

“I spotted a lighthouse that looked as if it reached all the way to the floor of heaven.” That’s just one of many great lines in Jimmy Buffett’s romp of a sailing yarn, A Salty Piece of Land. And it’s absolutely true, as we discovered upon sailing to Amédée lighthouse in New Caledonia’s magnificent lagoon. *Read more here…

Magical Malta: the Crossroads of the Mediterranean

It’s hard to cruise the Mediterranean and miss Malta, an island literally at the crossroads of Europe and North Africa. There, it’s as common to meet sailors heading east for the Red Sea as those heading west to Gibraltar, as we were. From the very start of our cruise two months earlier, we had looked forward to visiting this small island that straddles the centuries, and when we arrived… Read on here!

Interview with the Slow Boat Sailing Podcast

I was just interviewed by The Slow Boat Sailing Podcast about sailing to, in, and around the Galapagos and Marquesas. I hope you find it interesting and useful. Enjoy!

If It's Broke...

It’s not that you shouldn’t try to fix anything that breaks; it’s just that you don’t necessarily have to fix everything that breaks. The key is knowing when to give in and get on with your cruise. Read more here…

Celestial Navigation

There are few things quite as satisfying as fixing your position by measuring the altitude of a few heavenly bodies. With no other landmarks around, stars and planets help to put a face on an otherwise featureless expanse of ocean — they become our friends at sea during the night. Read more here…


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