On the trail of the Silver Spider, Part 5: weaving fact and fiction

Research was one enjoyable part of writing The Silver Spider, especially when it came to colonial times in Panama and the canal building era in the early twentieth century. Continue reading…

On the trail of The Silver Spider, Part 4: on location in Portobelo

Panama’s Portobelo is a gem of a place for modern-day sailors – in fact and in fiction. After visiting Portobelo, Panama aboard my sailboat in 2012, I wrote a magazine article about the “beautiful port.” Eventually, echoes of that piece worked their way into my novel… Continue reading…

On the trail of The Silver Spider, Part 3: Scouting a location

My upcoming novel, The Silver Spider, takes place in Panama, an amazing country of contrasting landscapes and cultures. From the indigenous Kuna people of the San Blas Islands to the ancestors of West Indians who arrived to build the canal, from Spanish colonial forts to the engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal - talk about inspiration! Continue reading…

On the trail of The Silver Spider, Part 2: the Sipan Spider

What exactly is the silver spider? Like everything else in my novel, it’s a grain of reality that’s been put through the filter of my imagination. In 1990, I worked on an archaeological excavation in Peru… Continue reading…

On the trail of The Silver Spider, Part I: genesis of a novel

I began to sketch the preliminary concept of a suspense novel when we were at sea for twenty-eight days straight, sailing from the Galapagos Islands to the Marquesas. Thirty-five feet of fibreglass - our floating home, Namani - doesn’t leave a lot of room to pace, but plenty of room for an imagination full with observations on the fun, fascinating world of cruising sailors. Continue reading…

Rum for Neptune

Kate and Nick are just a couple of sailors out to escape the rat race. Where better to lose yourself in life and love than the islands of the South Pacific? But when a pair of mysterious chess pieces turn up, they find themselves unraveling the crytic trail left by a whaler’s daughter in the 1800s and tangling with corrupt antiquities dealers, bitter eco-terrorists, and ruthless television starlets. Things go from bad to worse on this sailing adventure that leap-frogs from one stunning Polynesian island to another.

The Silver Spider

A mountain of treasure in Panama: whose will it be?
In 1667, a Spanish soldier makes a startling discovery. A vast treasure - or a curse?
Charlie Parker, engineer and adventurer, voyages to Central America to build the Panama Canal - and engage in a few extracurricular activities in his spare time.
Two modern-day sailors get more adventure than they bargained for when they unravel a cryptic tangle of clues. Have they inherited incredible riches - or just big trouble?

Pieces of Eight. A silver spider. Plotting pirates. Scheming cartels.
A treasure map without an X.
Who will claim the prize?

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