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Interview on Books and Travel Podcast

A Speck in the Ocean
I’m a big fan of the Books and Travel podcast and was honored to recently appear there as a guest. Listen in as we discuss the joys and challenges of sailing across the Pacific as well why I chose Panama as the setting for my Novel, The Silver Spider.

Happy listening!

What’s the Rush?

One reason we went cruising was to escape the ticking clock. And we succeeded: looking back on our 7000 mile Pacific crossing, I can count the number of times we’ve had to hurry on one hand. So what were we rushing off to in Suwarrow, an uninhabited atoll 2,000 miles west of nowhere? Read more here

Pirates & Pieces of Eight

At the heyday of Spain’s New World conquests, Panama’s Portobelo acted as a collection point for huge quantifies of gold and silver – the treasure chest of the Americas, so to speak. Read more here

Trash or Treasure: the Sailor's Book Swap

A cruiser’s book exchange can be a delightfully mixed bag, especially on a remote atoll in the Cook Islands. Continue reading…

Cruising the Caribbean with Kids goes to press!

Hooray! Another new title goes live! CRUISING THE CARIBBEAN WITH KIDS is available on Amazon today, and PACIFIC CROSSING NOTES is about to add a paperback edition to the eBook already on sale. Whew! Two more ticks off the list! Now I can get back to work on that novel.. Continue reading…

A Tropical Christmas Concoction

In Port Antonio, Jamaica, a simple errand turns into a new friendship and a glimpse into local ways… just in time for the holidays! Continue reading…

On the trail of the Silver Spider, Part 5: weaving fact and fiction

Research was one enjoyable part of writing The Silver Spider, especially when it came to colonial times in Panama and the canal building era in the early twentieth century. Continue reading…

On the trail of The Silver Spider, Part 4: on location in Portobelo

Panama’s Portobelo is a gem of a place for modern-day sailors – in fact and in fiction. After visiting Portobelo, Panama aboard my sailboat in 2012, I wrote a magazine article about the “beautiful port.” Eventually, echoes of that piece worked their way into my novel… Continue reading…

NEWS: Announcing a third edition of Lesson Plans Ahoy!

Whew! After years of steadily widening the scope of the original edition, I’ve just come out with a third paperback edition of Lesson Plans Ahoy, which includes new insights gained over three years of sailing the Pacific and brings the paperback and e-book editions in line with each other. Continue reading…


On the trail of The Silver Spider, Part 3: Scouting a location

My upcoming novel, The Silver Spider, takes place in Panama, an amazing country of contrasting landscapes and cultures. From the indigenous Kuna people of the San Blas Islands to the ancestors of West Indians who arrived to build the canal, from Spanish colonial forts to the engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal - talk about inspiration! Continue reading…