Resources for Home Schooling Sailors

You might be surprised how many families are out there cruising, home schooling, and enjoying the richness of a life outside the fast lane. In this post, I’ll point you to them: the experts in the field. Each takes a different approach, and who knows? They might just inspire you with some new ideas or approaches, whether you’re out there cruising as a family right now or still planning your Great Escape.

One of my favorite one-click resources and your best place to start is Women & Cruising’s 12 Questions to 12 Sailing Families. A wealth of knowledge, all in one place!

My friend and editor Michelle Elvy shares her insights on sailing with children on her s/v Momo blog. You’ll find a great post about moving aboard and sharing tight living quarters as a family here.

Behan Gifford has been cruising for years with her family, and shares her experiences on home schooling here.

On my other website,, I’ve compiled a number of tips from home schooling sailors which you can find here.

My son and his friends made a great video about Boat Life while their parents were busy with boat repairs in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Lyndy Atkinson shares her experiences sailing the Pacific and home schooling here.

Finally, I’ve linked to a number of magazine articles about home schooling at sea in one place, also on You’ll find that page here.

I hope these blogs and articles give you new ideas and inspiration for your own adventures in cruising and home schooling!